Phone Sex Safety

Phone sex is sex work.

There are many nice guys who call us on NiteFlirt, but there are some who aren’t. 

Those few minutes you spend with a man (a stranger) on the phone can allow him to hide all manner of faults.  You don’t know his criminal background or his mental health background; nor do you have any references for his character.  Anyone can fake being a decent human being for a little while.  But, what happens when he becomes emotionally unstable?  What do you do when you’ve ‘trusted’ him with your real name and location and the next time you’re not available for him he goes off the rails?

Using best practices can possibly save you from being cyber-stalked or worse!

Best practices is a term used to explain the best way to stay professional and provide a good service.

In phone sex and for sex workers specifically, it’s important to remember, Men are Pigs!  They are controlled by their cocks and testosterone and that combination can be dangerous if not controlled.  You can take screen shots of your calls and send them to NiteFlirt when someones calls directly after a call on NiteFlirt.  You should take snippets of your customer lists and calls if you think the same caller is using different screen names to harass you.  You can also ask NiteFlirt to remove abusive feedbacks if the customer left more than one.  Keeping yourself safe is paramount to keep us all safe!  One mistake or opening for one nutjob will only encourage him to do it to others!


NiteFlirt’s Crazy Smart Stalker

May 7th, 2021

Just because someone is a stalker doesn’t mean he’s not good at it!

A long time Niteflirt PSO recently posted an account of how a NiteFlirt customer DIRTYBIRD81 gained access to her personal phone number and has harassed her by calling that number 32 times in 2 minutes after she blocked him from NiteFlirt.

After reading the flirt’s post in the NiteFlirt forums twice, I better understood what happened.  There is a customer who finds flirt’s who use their own photos and then reversed image searches them. Once he gets information on them he will call you on NiteFlirt.  He did just that to this veteran flirt and when she got angry with him and put her foot down and blocked him he called her personal phone 32 times in less a minute after being blocked on NiteFlirt!!!!

I suspect he only calls the one’s he’s successfully found off site and discovered personal information on.

Being cyber-stalked is the same as being stalked in person. IT CREATES FEAR!  It’s a shame we have to be subjected to someone like this but the truth is, phone sex is often a place for nut bags, women haters, mentally ill jerks and criminals.  There are ways to stay as safe as possible and that is to:

*use model photos

*never give out personally identifiable information

*always assume the guy on the phone is crazy and dangerous.

Good Luck and remember we are all here to give advice and comfort to a certain level, but using common sense is the best defense.





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