Camping on NiteFlirt’s front page

Why NiteFlirts front page doesn’t work for long.

Been a long time since we’ve posted anything, and this site is getting mega hits! 16k+

That means that many phone sex operators are struggling and looking for information. 
Whether you are new to phone sex on NiteFlirt or any other platform, you know how hard it is to get going.  Building a clientele is rough.  Not only is building a clientele hard, keeping them coming back is harder if you’re not charming, professional, and know what you’re doing.  The truth is, keeping your return customers is the key to success!

Without repeat customers, you are paying for each new customer who won’t come back!

You shouldn’t have to do that.

I just can’t get my head around anyone sitting on the front page for 8 months!

Why would anyone do that? I have watched for seven or eight months now (and you probably have as well) a flirt who for vanity or who suffers from hard-headedness (My mom’s used that term) who sits on that front page day after day with less than 100 points gained. What does that mean?
That means that, she’s not getting conversions. In other words, her phone isn’t ringing.
When she does go busy, which is rare, her calls last less than 10 minutes.  And, don’t tell me she’s making that money back on chat because at least some of those chat sessions should result in calls.

Does she think making $60 and paying $160 is success?  As I write this, I am bidding against her.

For every bid, I get a chat or a call after about 5 clicks.  She bids to sit higher.  Ha ha is that vanity or what?  It’s like she can’t stand not being number 1 in that category! LOL

If you bid above her, she bids higher. ABOVE is my Feb 2nd income after bidding.  This should be the norm for you.  If it’s not, you could use, a new NiteFlirt tempate, new copy or a marketing consultation to change things around for you.

Don’t be stubborn!  This girl is a failure in phone sex and she won’t give up or change.

If you are paying NF more than you’re making, that is not success.  It’s just pure narcissism.  Why would you sit there giving the platform money for nothing?


Yes, we watch what goes on in the business.  If you are not, then you’re not doing all you can to make the best of your marketing and money.  Plus, every time you sign into NiteFlirt you get sent to the front page whether you like it or not.  Ugh…

Here’s the thing.  The front page is a starting point. The front page has limits and the customers who come onto the site and click around from the front page are not your best customers.  If you aren’t getting REPEAT BUSINESS and keeping those customers and making their calls last more than 30 minutes, you are not successful.

Reasons to put yourself on the front page of NiteFlirt:

  1. You are new and need exposure!  Put it up there and after your 3 qualified clicks minimum is met, wait for those or the others that weren’t qualified to convert.
  2. You have a new listing on a mature account.
  3. You have a new listing design and you want to see how it fares against that previous version.
  4. It’s the high season and it’s like catching fish in a barrel.

Or, finally, if you’ve stalled in your current clientele and are looking for new ones.

But, sitting there day after day is a dead-end that will cost you more than you are making.

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