Camping on NiteFlirt’s front page

Why NiteFlirts front page doesn’t work for long.

Been a long time since we’ve posted anything, and this site is getting mega hits! 16k+

That means that many phone sex operators are struggling and looking for information. 
Whether you are new to phone sex on NiteFlirt or any other platform, you know how hard it is to get going.  Building a clientele is rough.  Not only is building a clientele hard, keeping them coming back is harder if you’re not charming, professional, and know what you’re doing.  The truth is, keeping your return customers is the key to success!

Without repeat customers, you are paying for each new customer who won’t come back!

You shouldn’t have to do that.

I just can’t get my head around anyone sitting on the front page for 8 months!

Why would anyone do that? I have watched for seven or eight months now (and you probably have as well) a flirt who for vanity or who suffers from hard-headedness (My mom’s used that term) who sits on that front page day after day with less than 100 points gained. What does that mean?
That means that, she’s not getting conversions. In other words, her phone isn’t ringing.
When she does go busy, which is rare, her calls last less than 10 minutes.  And, don’t tell me she’s making that money back on chat because at least some of those chat sessions should result in calls.

Does she think making $60 and paying $160 is success?  As I write this, I am bidding against her.

For every bid, I get a chat or a call after about 5 clicks.  She bids to sit higher.  Ha ha is that vanity or what?  It’s like she can’t stand not being number 1 in that category! LOL

If you bid above her, she bids higher. ABOVE is my Feb 2nd income after bidding.  This should be the norm for you.  If it’s not, you could use, a new NiteFlirt tempate, new copy or a marketing consultation to change things around for you.

Don’t be stubborn!  This girl is a failure in phone sex and she won’t give up or change.

If you are paying NF more than you’re making, that is not success.  It’s just pure narcissism.  Why would you sit there giving the platform money for nothing?


Yes, we watch what goes on in the business.  If you are not, then you’re not doing all you can to make the best of your marketing and money.  Plus, every time you sign into NiteFlirt you get sent to the front page whether you like it or not.  Ugh…

Here’s the thing.  The front page is a starting point. The front page has limits and the customers who come onto the site and click around from the front page are not your best customers.  If you aren’t getting REPEAT BUSINESS and keeping those customers and making their calls last more than 30 minutes, you are not successful.

Reasons to put yourself on the front page of NiteFlirt:

  1. You are new and need exposure!  Put it up there and after your 3 qualified clicks minimum is met, wait for those or the others that weren’t qualified to convert.
  2. You have a new listing on a mature account.
  3. You have a new listing design and you want to see how it fares against that previous version.
  4. It’s the high season and it’s like catching fish in a barrel.

Or, finally, if you’ve stalled in your current clientele and are looking for new ones.

But, sitting there day after day is a dead-end that will cost you more than you are making.

Dick Pics Unsolicited (NiteFlirt Chat)

This post is for flirts, PSO’s and customer’s who read this post.  As stated in our forward, we want this site to be a protective and informative option and a learning place.  Yes, some comments and reports will be used a examples of what not to do, and conversely, what TO DO.  It is not intended to shame anyone since all posts/reports are anonymous.

Phone Sex is sex work.  It’s in the title.  That means many things. We talk to hundreds of men on the phone about sexual topics, read emails from customers and get paid to read text messages.

In order to do business, we advertise sexual topics.  As you browse the sites some flirts advertise themselves as “whores” cumsluts (whatever that is) and ‘use me’, abuse me and make me yours, treat me like garbage, choke me, call me names and a plethora of other terms and advertisements making them appear to be so into cock and men that they will do ANYTHING for it.  If that’s your thing, that’s your business.  But don’t be surprised if some random knucklehead sends you a pic of his dick.

REPORT: This site received a report that a customer sent them a dic pic and multiple texts in a row, then wrote bad feedback after discovering he was blocked.  I posted the original report because the customer stated clearly, “I was blocked after sending a dick pic”.

On the report response, we (admin) explained that the report was allowed, but contained false or misleading information.  The false info was that he only ‘chatted’ and wrote bad feedback.  We explained for informative purposes…WEEKS LATER, the same flirt wrote that she was a 15 yr veteran of the business and felt shamed, and hoped that “it never happens to me”?  A dick pic? Really?  Most of us have received them! I’m not traumatized by them!  It’s a penis!  We are in sex work!

If she is still fixated and traumatized weeks later, I suggest there is more going on then a dick pic, but as far as being correct about the report and feedback issue:

FEEDBACK: Customers cannot leave feedback for chat nor emails.  They must have made a purchase or made a phone call.  The flirt must have spoken to this guy prior and he used that call to leave 1 star feedback stating ‘I sent her a dick pic and she blocked me’.  Well, he’s stupid for one thing.  But, she missed the chance the EDUCATE THIS customer and empower herself:

“Hey___-, we are only paid by responding to each text, so no multiples please. Oh, and the best rule of thumb is wait to be asked before sending a photo of your genitals to people on the internet.
Please remit $10 (or your choice amount) to make up for both the pic and the texts. Thank you.”

If you consider yourself too much of a ‘lady’ to have received a dick pic, then act like one and demand to treated that way. It doesn’t matter whether you are a FemDom or a submissive, boys will be boys! 9 times of out of 10, you will get an apology and the money or at least an apology.  Don’t fixate and cry about it, run your business like a professional.  No one expects you to be a door mat! You’re charging them to call/text/email-it’s no secret that you’re a business woman!

Men are sometimes stupid. 

They want to show anyone their hard dick!  “Look! Look at it, ‘it’s so hard’! Yes, it’s immature and reckless, but so are men.  For heterosexual females, how many of you have had a bf put a towel on his hard cock and show it off? Me too!  Immature? Yes.


You don’t have to be a Female Dominant to set the rules of your business.  Dick Pics?

We have all seen them, we all get them and until NiteFlirt gives us the option of charging to view the photos that come across on chat before we see the photo then we will continue to see dick pics!  And, we all get bad feedbacks.  Stop reading them! If you’re a highly experienced, ‘long time’ PSO you shouldn’t give a shit about one bad feedback.  As far as I am concerned, feedback that states, ‘she blocked me for sending a dick pic” would inform others not to do that.  So, in the end-it’s good feedback.  Unfortunately, we can’t stop it.

Until then, you have a few options.

  1. If you are traumatized by dick pics, don’t use the chat system. You will get them. Or, turn it on only for certain customers.
  2. Write your listings to reflect your sensitivity to such activity and state firmly that you will not tolerate them. (the biggest problem I see with flirt listings, is a lack of understanding basic marketing and effective copywriting to reflect you and your business) and explain to your customers NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CHARACTER’S PERSONA, you are a business woman!  I don’t respond to multiple chats without tributes.  You can even tell me IN THE CHAT.
  3. IT’S YOUR BUSINESS.  JUST BECAUSE YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A ‘SUB’ DOESN’T MEAN YOU CANNOT SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF. If you can’t, or won’t-then your life needs some exploring because you likely get taken advantage of regularly and that makes everything seem worse than it is.

Abusive Callers on NiteFlirt or any phone sex site


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER=welcome to the NiteFlirt Blacklist

The following post describes many aspects of those callers’ who eventually come around to all of us.  Unfortunately, many people (females) are involved with/in abusive relationships.  Read on to get some valuable information and how to recognize abuse on and off the phone.

Gaslighting-Someone tries to make you believe something that you KNOW isn’t true.

Raging-An extreme over-reaction to a simple question or boundary, an unnatural response.

Defensive-Refusing to accept criticism or correction without anger or blaming you.

Aggressive-Making demands that go beyond the norm or pushing your obvious boundaries.

Delusional-Believing that something is true even with proof that it isn’t.  A fixed belief.

Toxicity-A combination of those above in and out of conversations/relationships.

Over-reactive-Undue emotions to a simple request or suggestion or comment.


The next time you find yourself in a difficult call with someone suffering from mental instability or a personality disorder…recognizing the signs can keep you from being abused or allowing someone with these disorders into your phone sex life or worse, your head.

We are humans and as such we have to deal with other humans.  That is not always easy.  Learning how to see the signs of a mental disorder (in REAL life or on the phone) is essential to keeping yourself healthy and making good money with good customers/while hanging up and taking the loss from bad ones.

DARVO-This is an acronym for the following signs and actions by someone who is a narcissist or just a gaslighter.  You don’t have to be a narcissist to gaslight someone.

DARVO (an acronym for “deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender“) is a reaction that perpetrators of wrongdoing, particularly sexual offenders, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. Some researchers indicate that it is a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers.

Many phone sex operators who have been in the business for a long time have earned an honorary PhD after dealing with so many sick individuals.  Most of our callers are fabulous and we love them dearly.  Some are just your average guy, and we love them too.  But, once in a while you will get a call from the nutty buddies who use phone sex as a substitute or replacement for all of the personal relationships they have ruined.


Too many new phone sex operators think that they have to put up with abusive or difficult callers because they 1. feel since he’s paying he gets to run the call 2. Afraid of bad feedback.

You owe him NOTHING.  When a difficult, insecure, immature and sick prick causes you to feel confusion, anger, shame or you simply get that tightness in your chest that’s telling you, ‘something’s wrong here’..hang up.  If he leaves you bad feedback it will say more about him than you.  His appalling feedback will show who he is, not you.

When you stand up to or put your foot down or set boundaries with someone who is a gaslighter or a gaslighting narcissist you will usually get a strong response.

eg: flirt clicks on one of my buttons, and I follow-up.  “Hey, you clicked and then blocked me? What’s up with that, is there something you wanted”?

I always follow-up with leads since I’m selling something.  If the response is (which I got) over-reaction, blame, gaslighting (‘she knew I would reach out”) um, yes I’m selling a product, “then blames shames and accused me, of ‘being mad’ which I wasn’t and then victimized me by her pseudo intellectual diatribe, using the word’ ergo…just to show me (as gaslighter’s do) that although she is to blame, she is smarter than me.  THAT IS DARVO.

When you light the fire of a someone with personality disorder you will get an UNNATURAL RESPONSE.  Generally, they lie.  And, they get very angry for nothing.

“My hand must have slipped and I hit a button” I knew you’d do this or get angry so I blocked you” or, the customer says, “It’s your fault I spent this much money and can’t pay by bills, “you told me to call you” when all you did was send out a marketing email, and for no good reason when he does call, he’s angry at hello.  This is the sign someone is very ill.

If you get this type of response after setting rules or boundaries to the following:

  1. Insinuates there’s more between you than a pay for play relationship
  2. Gets angry with you when you say you have to go, and blames you for ‘taking his money’
  3. Asks you outright, “do you enjoy talking to me?” and nothing you say will appease him
  4. Or, asks for more than you’re willing to give, and get’s angry with you and shames or blames you then, YOU ARE DEALING WITH A MENTALLY UNSTABLE OR UNHEALTHY PERSON.


Set the rules.  You have standards. You deserve to be respected.  Gaslighters and abusers cannot change and you cannot reason with them. They often have issues that are much bigger than it appears during their psychodrama.  Nothing you say will make them see themselves.

Gaslighters lie.  It’s nothing more.  They will lie about the simplest thing and say ‘you did that’ when in fact, they did it.  You deserve to know the facts and that facts are real.  You know the truth when it’s there and you can own it.  You deserve to make a living without being abused by anyone.  But, remember, these people are in essence, weak and insecure. 

Don’t lose sight of that.  Set a boundary and watch the result.  If you do and your narcissist or rage-oholic responds with psychodrama, you will know one thing.  They will not change and you cannot win.  Just walk away, hang up and block them.

While remaining very calm say, we are ending this call now.  No matter how he yells, begs, screams, promises ‘not to do it again, or I’ll stop”.  Hang up.  End it.  Over.

If he calls or writes you again after being blocked, and after changing his screen name or opening a new account, remain calm and DO NOT SAY A WORD after you realize it’s him.  Simply hang up, block and report.  You cannot win with these fixated and profoundly sick men/women.  Just ignore.

Feeding someone with these insecurities, fear, and abandonment issues-or giving ANY fuel to their fire excites them!  They need your reaction to feed off of.  DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM.  When they sense they are out of their league intellectually, they will run and block you.  I’ve done that and it’s wonderful.  But, it still sits on your mind “why did they/she/he come to me? How did I invite them into my business?

You probably showed up and showed yourself to be proud, respectable, intelligent and successful.  Narcissists see themselves in you, but the truth is, they aren’t, cannot be and never will be.  It’s like narcissist looking into that water at himself he was transfixed with himself but he drowned.

A real psycho addicted narcissistic person can never be you.  They want to be, but fail.  When they figure that out, they victim blame, try and shame you, put you down, pretend to know you better than you know yourself and when all else fails, get very very angry!

Just hang up.

Report them to the platform you are on for cyber-stalking or harassment.

You can win only by REFUSING TO ENGAGE.  These people do not change.

They are fueled by conflict.

Recognizing the patterns of abusive narcissists is key to putting them where they belong.


The flirt I mentioned above has a politically charged listing just for that reason.  She is inviting conflict engagement.  Her livelihood and her personality are fueled by psycho drama and it attracts others with the same personality disorder.

Without a false sense of superiority and wallering in delusions of grandeur (thinking that arguing is ‘winning’) and that they/she is smarter than everyone around her, she if left with her quiet mind, which means she is unnoticed and lonely.  There is no one to fuel her/their false sense of superiority.

LEAVE THOSE CUSTOMERS TO HER OR OTHER’S LIKE HER and do not respond to them, do not fuel them and know that you will make more money on a decent, kind and imaginative person on the next call.

DO NOT ENGAGE THEM.  After all, watch the Capital Riots and the traitor who caused it.  THAT IS THE RAGE displayed by an infantile, insecure narcissist.  Then he reverses victim/offender and makes himself the victim.  We all see it!  It’s right there on video.

This is the essential DARVO relationship.  He is sick and no one can convince him otherwise.

 When a gaslighter is left without fuel, they either rage or blame or shame or resort to violence.

Keep in mind, if you are experiencing any of this type of abuse in real life, get help.

Get out if you can.

Never incite a real sick man into a rage around you, your children or defenseless pets.

Help is available

Speak with someone today

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Hours: 24/7. Languages: English, Spanish and 200+ through interpretation service





NiteFlirt Feedback change

Hi everyone, are you aware that NF changed its timeline for customers to leave you feedback?

It is now only 7 days.  The former policy was 30 days.

Now, if you had a great call and follow-up with your caller to remind him to leave some beautiful feedback and those five stars-he needs to get on it!  So, it works for you, but against you if he doesn’t get on it right away.

This new timeline is also beneficial if you had a bad caller.  Now, you can just ignore any further contact before blocking the guy and if he keeps his head straight for 7 days, you can avoid that bad feedback.

But you want the good reviews, especially if you’re new to the site.  So, always follow-up with him.

It is just a fact that, once a man comes, he usually forgets what or who helped him get there.  Sad but true.  You have a week to remind him, hopefully without bugging him to do so.

The best option is to remind him before the call ends to ‘leave me some awesome feedback’ or within a few minutes of the call, write or chat to do so, and he’s likely to give you great fresh feedback.

Hope this helps in running your business!


Marketing your business 101


Recently, I was reminded how few women in phone sex understand that phone sex is in fact, a business.  And, as such requires business communication, thought, planning and mind-set.  I was also reminded that many do not understand even the basics of marketing.  Running your online business, whether it’s phone sex or some other business requires more than ‘feelings’.  It requires business marketing and strategies.  

A question was posed to ‘accomplished’ PSO’s about a strange brand-new campaign/flirt’s ad.  We all have characters and play roles, but you still need a believable and desirable listing/advertisement.  You want to sell something your customers are seeking.


*As I was about to feature one of my listings and PAY NITEFLIRT for clicks, I looked the category I was seeking to feature and saw who was in the running. There was a brand new flirt in position about 14 on Find Women, and about 5 in Women Home Alone/BEFORE I decide where to feature my listings and how much I am going to pay for it I look at WHO I AM COMPETING WITHAs you should too!

This listing advertised she was going to take her customer’s shopping and buy them clothes or anything they wanted at the mall then buy him food at the food court and smile at him while eats; then at some point they would go to the hotel and ‘do the deed’.

*As you may know a brand-new flirt pays very little to bid for placement. 

The next step I take is to listen to outgoing greetings.  So, I go through the menu. The last thing I am going to do is compete with someone advertising no limits etc… because I guarantee you, her phone will ring and yours won’t.

Her outgoing greeting said, “I like to cook Thai food and I keep my place clean”.  Huh?

Now that I’ve had some time to think about this it’s possible this woman is on the autism spectrum because she saw things completely different than the rest of us.  And if that’s the case, I hope she’s gone for good because I can see a customer taking advantage of her. For example: Well, if you’re my Sugar Mama, I want a free call or reduce your rate to .20 per min! It makes sense, he would give her sex after she paid for things, right?

It was really the first time in 15 yrs, I’d seen anyone advertising as a Sugar Mama for the men who call phone sex lines.  I had a brain fart and needed to see if my collegues who were ‘accomplished’ could see something I didn’t?

The responses received by these ‘accomplished‘ PSO’s made think, I am dealing with ‘feelings’ here and not business.  The question was posed from a marketing perspective not a judgment.

e.g., “Does this make sense to you” or, have you ever heard a woman offering to buy things for men whom you are charging for communication?  The responses were rather petty and fraught with ‘feelings’ and judgment, but no one saw it as a business and marketing question. 



Without a marketing plan that includes strategic marketing techniques, product, price, place and promotion, you aren’t running a business, you’re engaged in a hobby.

Learning the four basic principles of marketing can help elevate your online presence.  Ignoring it, and not understand the competition or your audience means you’re missing out on key elements of marketing.

  • PRODUCT – Character

  • PRICE – In line with your competition and 

    service and expertise

  • PLACE – Where you sit in comparison to your competition

  • PROMOTION – How you feature, where and what other services you employ

PRODUCT: Are you offering a product that is in demand? 

PRICE: Are you competitive and if not does your product offer a higher value?

PLACE: DO YOU PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PLACEMENT?  It is after all, one of the basic and MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF MARKETING.  Who are competing with?

PROMOTION: When and where you promote your online business is essential to reaching your audience. 

Looking at your competition and understanding them is an ESSENTIAL activity that all businesses use.



And airlines all watch each other!

IT IS NOT TROLLING to watch your competition and set yourself and your promotion. place. product and price accordingly.




“We are getting paid” (Is abuse OK?)

If a prositute is getting paid, is it OK if she is abused?  Is it OK to abuse an animal if you ‘paid for it’?

If you hire an attorney is it OK to abuse him/her?  If you are paying a Doctor is it OK to abuse her?



Some people were born doormats.  Many women are socialized and conditioned at home to ‘please’.

Fortunately, I was not one of those.  I believe we all have FREE WILL and just like the steward on the plane says, “put your mask on first, before you assist others”.  If you don’t defend yourself, set boundaries and have a strong sense-of-self and set those rules and have expectations of the way you want to be treated, you are allowing others to take advantage of you.

Men are responsible for over 90% of the violence in the world and as sex workers-we have an authority to stay the violence, the disrespect, the ‘demeaning’ of ourselves and women.  We have the power!

Just because you offer a service and some man is paying for it DOES NOT GIVE HIM THE RIGHT TO PUT YOU ON THE DEFENSIVE by blurting out personal questions while ignoring you, ABUSE YOU VERBALLY, DEGRADE YOU, DEMAND INFORMATION ABOUT YOU, ABUSE THE NATURE OF ‘ENTERTAINMENT’ AND PHONE SEX OR CAM WORK or DO ANYTHING ‘just because he paying you”.

That mindset is why so many women stay in abusive relationships and continue to be abused by low lifes who otherwise needed to be put in his place.

It is the women who have self-esteem and pride who are responsible for making men understand that rules of personal space, privacy, and self-worth if not taught at home will be taught by strong women with the self-worth to do so.

EACH AND EVERY SEX WORKER (PHONE SEX OPERATOR) has her/his own set of standards.

Mine are high.  Some girls actually advertise “rape me”.

I do not allow any customer to blurt out personal questions at me and demand information not presented in my advertisement.  I also do not allow men to ‘top me’ or ignore my requests for basic manners.

I am a FemDom and as such will not participate with such misogyny.


With that justification, you perpetuate the abuse women suffer each and every day in real life by these entitled weak men who feel justified to beat and verbally and emotionally abuse women, because he pays the bills.



What is a NF Bad Boy?

Hello, hope everyone is making lots of money!

I have seen many reports on this site and wanted to speak a moment about what abuse is and isn’t.  NiteFlirt as with any adult business is filled with jerks, con-artists (yes even women) drug addicts and drunks, the mentally ill, socially inept and socially isolated people.  And, that means on both ends of the phone.  We certainly have our work cut out for us sometimes…

Reports to NiteFlirt Bad Boys: I honestly cannot report a customer who writes a flirt in an email and says stupid shit.  He may have been an asshole when he called but if you aren’t TRAINED IN AND USE WISELY THE NITEFLIRT PLATFORM eg: creating customer lists with notes so that you have journaled your history with each customer when he gets a spam email from you and writes something back abusive, you will have no idea why.

His call or chat may have been a weird interaction that was abusive or a short or you hung up on him or simply put up with the jerk while half listening; but you didn’t block him.  When he gets an email from you, he may well remember you and your bad expereince together.

Taking notes on each and every caller is essential in your marketing plan.

Working the NiteFlirt platform is WORK!  They don’t make anything easy.  ANYTHING.

What makes someone a NITEFLIRT BAD BOY?

As mentioned on the front page, abuse is calling you names, harrassing you via email or chat after blocking him and verbal abuse you didn’t ask for or advertise for.  When emailing customer’s you should spend your time wisely.  Many customers complain about (and I’ve seen it too) too many low-quality spam emails from flirts.

Sending mass mails to customers:

It literally takes about 5 to 6 clicks just to send a custom email with font color, font face and size.  And, forget about doing that over and over again!  You will have to redo every single customization you did in one email to all of them!! UGH!

But, be clear 1.what you’re selling 2. How much it is, and 3.What the content contains.

If you spend a good amount of time customizing your emails to customers, you shouldn’t receive abusive emails back.  In fact, I’ve recently seen a flirt state in her spam/sale content emails:


So, it is NOT ABUSE if you get a personalized email from a customer whom you spammed.

SPAM DEF: irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the internet to a large number of recipients.

Also, it’s not abusive nor does it make him a NF Bad Boy since it was kept between the two of you.

I want to see the abuse.


Fight Bad NiteFlirt Feedbacks (Help for PSO’s)


I have read on many flirt’s listings where guys will call her just to ‘see if the bad back feedback was warranted”.  They will actually comment on existing bad feedback, “don’t know what the bad reviews are about she was great”.  That means the bad feedback was the reason he called.

So, LET’S not over-react to it.  EVERYONE GETS BAD FEEDBACKS.  Everyone.

Why would a customer call someone with bad feedback?  Frankly, sometimes men just like to see if they are different and can get a good call from someone who has failed with others.  There is one flirt who continually features with about %35 bad and I mean horrible feedback and men still seem to call her.  NOT MANY MIND YOU, but still. Why is that? Competitiveness and curiosity. Men like to compete with each other. 

Combating those feedbacks that keep you from featuring and making good money. 

So, what do you do when you’re new to NiteFlirt Phone Sex or Cam Calls and you only have 4 feedbacks and one of them is 1 star?  That gives you a 4 star total.  Let’s say you have only taken 5 calls and you have just 16 points.  It is going to cost you MORE to feature your listings with that 4 stars.

The answer is that when you’re new and have so few ratings points, DELETE THAT LISTING and start a new one in the same category!  It will cost you less to feature when it gets approved and you can begin again.  This empowers YOU.  Learning how to handle yourself when you’re new can be hard!

Going forward  (training available) you get a leg up by getting training and a listing design that works.

Now what to do to avoid bad feedbacks.

  1. Set your customer’s expectations before they call you.  I see so many new flirts with “Hi, I am sexy and hot and want to get you off, call me” This is not informative enough. Invest in your business!
  2. Explain whether you are simply a GFE phone sex operator and cannot provide fetish help or if  you’re a dominate woman and wish to spank them.  Those customers who read are likely to spend more money on you.

Some customers are notorious for not reading properly and being braindead when they are aroused but  if  you set your customer’s expectations correctly with a well-written NITEFLIRT LISTING then you can count on a better return.

I can help and so can other flirts’ if you ask nicely in the forums.

Not everyone knows marketing and knows this audience but a little tweak of your copy may make all the difference!



NiteFlirt Policy Breakers (how to handle them)

Pedo’s, Pee and Poo, Violence, Rape, and so many more gross topics.

There are some customers who come to you because of what you’ve written on your listing and they think you will be cool with them being pedos.  If your listings show a young girl with a lollipop in her mouth don’t be surprised when someone wants to be your Daddy. If that’s not what you’re into your NITEFLIRT listing needs to changed.  They need to be told in clear language what you will or won’t put up with.  


*There are NiteFlirt customers who will talk with you for a long time hoping that in the end once they’ve spent $100 on you that they can ‘go there’ with you.  He is the sneaky one who gains your trust and thinks money will make you lose your morals.  But, he’s spending good money right?  So, we want to keep him on the phone or chat and get those tips, but how do you tell him after an hour, “Sorry, that’s gonna work for me?

Don’t let him think you’re a pushover in the first place!  But, there are better way to handle this guy without saying “that’s against the rules”.  When TTM and every other phone sex service allows ageplay and more, it’s hard to hear that after you’ve spent $100 on a PSO.


They get told ‘what you’re saying is wrong and against the rules and to stop!  That ends your income too!


We/I know that stopping him in his tracks with “That’s against the rules” is pissing guys off and that’s ending with bad feedbacks or abuse.  There are many ways to handle this without throwing up a brick wall.  I have many ideas but use most of them for my NiteFlirt training sessions.  Here’s one though.

Scenario 1. Ok, so customer stays on the call for a long time and at minute 61 starts talking about minors.

Flirt: “USE HIS NAME..OR say in an even tone with your sexy vide…NO, NO, NO, (insert kind euphemism here, hon, sweety etc…) we’re not going to go there…everyone we talk about will be 18 or over, ok?  “You can think anything you want, but all of our fantasy players are at least 18, ok?”  Normally, he’ll be OK with it.  You aren’t saying NO stop it, stop being turned on, follow the rules, you’re just saying, “I’m not cool with that…but let’s keep going.

Any more ideas?  Write them in the post and I’ll put them here!



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