Marketing your business 101


Recently, I was reminded how few women in phone sex understand that phone sex is in fact, a business.  And, as such requires business communication, thought, planning and mind-set.  I was also reminded that many do not understand even the basics of marketing.  Running your online business, whether it’s phone sex or some other business requires more than ‘feelings’.  It requires business marketing and strategies.  

A question was posed to ‘accomplished’ PSO’s about a strange brand-new campaign/flirt’s ad.  We all have characters and play roles, but you still need a believable and desirable listing/advertisement.  You want to sell something your customers are seeking.


*As I was about to feature one of my listings and PAY NITEFLIRT for clicks, I looked the category I was seeking to feature and saw who was in the running. There was a brand new flirt in position about 14 on Find Women, and about 5 in Women Home Alone/BEFORE I decide where to feature my listings and how much I am going to pay for it I look at WHO I AM COMPETING WITHAs you should too!

This listing advertised she was going to take her customer’s shopping and buy them clothes or anything they wanted at the mall then buy him food at the food court and smile at him while eats; then at some point they would go to the hotel and ‘do the deed’.

*As you may know a brand-new flirt pays very little to bid for placement. 

The next step I take is to listen to outgoing greetings.  So, I go through the menu. The last thing I am going to do is compete with someone advertising no limits etc… because I guarantee you, her phone will ring and yours won’t.

Her outgoing greeting said, “I like to cook Thai food and I keep my place clean”.  Huh?

Now that I’ve had some time to think about this it’s possible this woman is on the autism spectrum because she saw things completely different than the rest of us.  And if that’s the case, I hope she’s gone for good because I can see a customer taking advantage of her. For example: Well, if you’re my Sugar Mama, I want a free call or reduce your rate to .20 per min! It makes sense, he would give her sex after she paid for things, right?

It was really the first time in 15 yrs, I’d seen anyone advertising as a Sugar Mama for the men who call phone sex lines.  I had a brain fart and needed to see if my collegues who were ‘accomplished’ could see something I didn’t?

The responses received by these ‘accomplished‘ PSO’s made think, I am dealing with ‘feelings’ here and not business.  The question was posed from a marketing perspective not a judgment.

e.g., “Does this make sense to you” or, have you ever heard a woman offering to buy things for men whom you are charging for communication?  The responses were rather petty and fraught with ‘feelings’ and judgment, but no one saw it as a business and marketing question. 



Without a marketing plan that includes strategic marketing techniques, product, price, place and promotion, you aren’t running a business, you’re engaged in a hobby.

Learning the four basic principles of marketing can help elevate your online presence.  Ignoring it, and not understand the competition or your audience means you’re missing out on key elements of marketing.

  • PRODUCT – Character

  • PRICE – In line with your competition and 

    service and expertise

  • PLACE – Where you sit in comparison to your competition

  • PROMOTION – How you feature, where and what other services you employ

PRODUCT: Are you offering a product that is in demand? 

PRICE: Are you competitive and if not does your product offer a higher value?

PLACE: DO YOU PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PLACEMENT?  It is after all, one of the basic and MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF MARKETING.  Who are competing with?

PROMOTION: When and where you promote your online business is essential to reaching your audience. 

Looking at your competition and understanding them is an ESSENTIAL activity that all businesses use.



And airlines all watch each other!

IT IS NOT TROLLING to watch your competition and set yourself and your promotion. place. product and price accordingly.




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