What is a NF Bad Boy?

Hello, hope everyone is making lots of money!

I have seen many reports on this site and wanted to speak a moment about what abuse is and isn’t.  NiteFlirt as with any adult business is filled with jerks, con-artists (yes even women) drug addicts and drunks, the mentally ill, socially inept and socially isolated people.  And, that means on both ends of the phone.  We certainly have our work cut out for us sometimes…

Reports to NiteFlirt Bad Boys: I honestly cannot report a customer who writes a flirt in an email and says stupid shit.  He may have been an asshole when he called but if you aren’t TRAINED IN AND USE WISELY THE NITEFLIRT PLATFORM eg: creating customer lists with notes so that you have journaled your history with each customer when he gets a spam email from you and writes something back abusive, you will have no idea why.

His call or chat may have been a weird interaction that was abusive or a short or you hung up on him or simply put up with the jerk while half listening; but you didn’t block him.  When he gets an email from you, he may well remember you and your bad expereince together.

Taking notes on each and every caller is essential in your marketing plan.

Working the NiteFlirt platform is WORK!  They don’t make anything easy.  ANYTHING.

What makes someone a NITEFLIRT BAD BOY?

As mentioned on the front page, abuse is calling you names, harrassing you via email or chat after blocking him and verbal abuse you didn’t ask for or advertise for.  When emailing customer’s you should spend your time wisely.  Many customers complain about (and I’ve seen it too) too many low-quality spam emails from flirts.

Sending mass mails to customers:

It literally takes about 5 to 6 clicks just to send a custom email with font color, font face and size.  And, forget about doing that over and over again!  You will have to redo every single customization you did in one email to all of them!! UGH!

But, be clear 1.what you’re selling 2. How much it is, and 3.What the content contains.

If you spend a good amount of time customizing your emails to customers, you shouldn’t receive abusive emails back.  In fact, I’ve recently seen a flirt state in her spam/sale content emails:


So, it is NOT ABUSE if you get a personalized email from a customer whom you spammed.

SPAM DEF: irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the internet to a large number of recipients.

Also, it’s not abusive nor does it make him a NF Bad Boy since it was kept between the two of you.

I want to see the abuse.


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