Camping on NiteFlirt’s front page

Why NiteFlirts front page doesn’t work for long.

Been a long time since we’ve posted anything, and this site is getting mega hits! 16k+

That means that many phone sex operators are struggling and looking for information. 
Whether you are new to phone sex on NiteFlirt or any other platform, you know how hard it is to get going.  Building a clientele is rough.  Not only is building a clientele hard, keeping them coming back is harder if you’re not charming, professional, and know what you’re doing.  The truth is, keeping your return customers is the key to success!

Without repeat customers, you are paying for each new customer who won’t come back!

You shouldn’t have to do that.

I just can’t get my head around anyone sitting on the front page for 8 months!

Why would anyone do that? I have watched for seven or eight months now (and you probably have as well) a flirt who for vanity or who suffers from hard-headedness (My mom’s used that term) who sits on that front page day after day with less than 100 points gained. What does that mean?
That means that, she’s not getting conversions. In other words, her phone isn’t ringing.
When she does go busy, which is rare, her calls last less than 10 minutes.  And, don’t tell me she’s making that money back on chat because at least some of those chat sessions should result in calls.

Does she think making $60 and paying $160 is success?  As I write this, I am bidding against her.

For every bid, I get a chat or a call after about 5 clicks.  She bids to sit higher.  Ha ha is that vanity or what?  It’s like she can’t stand not being number 1 in that category! LOL

If you bid above her, she bids higher. ABOVE is my Feb 2nd income after bidding.  This should be the norm for you.  If it’s not, you could use, a new NiteFlirt tempate, new copy or a marketing consultation to change things around for you.

Don’t be stubborn!  This girl is a failure in phone sex and she won’t give up or change.

If you are paying NF more than you’re making, that is not success.  It’s just pure narcissism.  Why would you sit there giving the platform money for nothing?


Yes, we watch what goes on in the business.  If you are not, then you’re not doing all you can to make the best of your marketing and money.  Plus, every time you sign into NiteFlirt you get sent to the front page whether you like it or not.  Ugh…

Here’s the thing.  The front page is a starting point. The front page has limits and the customers who come onto the site and click around from the front page are not your best customers.  If you aren’t getting REPEAT BUSINESS and keeping those customers and making their calls last more than 30 minutes, you are not successful.

Reasons to put yourself on the front page of NiteFlirt:

  1. You are new and need exposure!  Put it up there and after your 3 qualified clicks minimum is met, wait for those or the others that weren’t qualified to convert.
  2. You have a new listing on a mature account.
  3. You have a new listing design and you want to see how it fares against that previous version.
  4. It’s the high season and it’s like catching fish in a barrel.

Or, finally, if you’ve stalled in your current clientele and are looking for new ones.

But, sitting there day after day is a dead-end that will cost you more than you are making.

Abusive Callers on NiteFlirt or any phone sex site


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER=welcome to the NiteFlirt Blacklist

The following post describes many aspects of those callers’ who eventually come around to all of us.  Unfortunately, many people (females) are involved with/in abusive relationships.  Read on to get some valuable information and how to recognize abuse on and off the phone.

Gaslighting-Someone tries to make you believe something that you KNOW isn’t true.

Raging-An extreme over-reaction to a simple question or boundary, an unnatural response.

Defensive-Refusing to accept criticism or correction without anger or blaming you.

Aggressive-Making demands that go beyond the norm or pushing your obvious boundaries.

Delusional-Believing that something is true even with proof that it isn’t.  A fixed belief.

Toxicity-A combination of those above in and out of conversations/relationships.

Over-reactive-Undue emotions to a simple request or suggestion or comment.


The next time you find yourself in a difficult call with someone suffering from mental instability or a personality disorder…recognizing the signs can keep you from being abused or allowing someone with these disorders into your phone sex life or worse, your head.

We are humans and as such we have to deal with other humans.  That is not always easy.  Learning how to see the signs of a mental disorder (in REAL life or on the phone) is essential to keeping yourself healthy and making good money with good customers/while hanging up and taking the loss from bad ones.

DARVO-This is an acronym for the following signs and actions by someone who is a narcissist or just a gaslighter.  You don’t have to be a narcissist to gaslight someone.

DARVO (an acronym for “deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender“) is a reaction that perpetrators of wrongdoing, particularly sexual offenders, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. Some researchers indicate that it is a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers.

Many phone sex operators who have been in the business for a long time have earned an honorary PhD after dealing with so many sick individuals.  Most of our callers are fabulous and we love them dearly.  Some are just your average guy, and we love them too.  But, once in a while you will get a call from the nutty buddies who use phone sex as a substitute or replacement for all of the personal relationships they have ruined.


Too many new phone sex operators think that they have to put up with abusive or difficult callers because they 1. feel since he’s paying he gets to run the call 2. Afraid of bad feedback.

You owe him NOTHING.  When a difficult, insecure, immature and sick prick causes you to feel confusion, anger, shame or you simply get that tightness in your chest that’s telling you, ‘something’s wrong here’..hang up.  If he leaves you bad feedback it will say more about him than you.  His appalling feedback will show who he is, not you.

When you stand up to or put your foot down or set boundaries with someone who is a gaslighter or a gaslighting narcissist you will usually get a strong response.

eg: flirt clicks on one of my buttons, and I follow-up.  “Hey, you clicked and then blocked me? What’s up with that, is there something you wanted”?

I always follow-up with leads since I’m selling something.  If the response is (which I got) over-reaction, blame, gaslighting (‘she knew I would reach out”) um, yes I’m selling a product, “then blames shames and accused me, of ‘being mad’ which I wasn’t and then victimized me by her pseudo intellectual diatribe, using the word’ ergo…just to show me (as gaslighter’s do) that although she is to blame, she is smarter than me.  THAT IS DARVO.

When you light the fire of a someone with personality disorder you will get an UNNATURAL RESPONSE.  Generally, they lie.  And, they get very angry for nothing.

“My hand must have slipped and I hit a button” I knew you’d do this or get angry so I blocked you” or, the customer says, “It’s your fault I spent this much money and can’t pay by bills, “you told me to call you” when all you did was send out a marketing email, and for no good reason when he does call, he’s angry at hello.  This is the sign someone is very ill.

If you get this type of response after setting rules or boundaries to the following:

  1. Insinuates there’s more between you than a pay for play relationship
  2. Gets angry with you when you say you have to go, and blames you for ‘taking his money’
  3. Asks you outright, “do you enjoy talking to me?” and nothing you say will appease him
  4. Or, asks for more than you’re willing to give, and get’s angry with you and shames or blames you then, YOU ARE DEALING WITH A MENTALLY UNSTABLE OR UNHEALTHY PERSON.


Set the rules.  You have standards. You deserve to be respected.  Gaslighters and abusers cannot change and you cannot reason with them. They often have issues that are much bigger than it appears during their psychodrama.  Nothing you say will make them see themselves.

Gaslighters lie.  It’s nothing more.  They will lie about the simplest thing and say ‘you did that’ when in fact, they did it.  You deserve to know the facts and that facts are real.  You know the truth when it’s there and you can own it.  You deserve to make a living without being abused by anyone.  But, remember, these people are in essence, weak and insecure. 

Don’t lose sight of that.  Set a boundary and watch the result.  If you do and your narcissist or rage-oholic responds with psychodrama, you will know one thing.  They will not change and you cannot win.  Just walk away, hang up and block them.

While remaining very calm say, we are ending this call now.  No matter how he yells, begs, screams, promises ‘not to do it again, or I’ll stop”.  Hang up.  End it.  Over.

If he calls or writes you again after being blocked, and after changing his screen name or opening a new account, remain calm and DO NOT SAY A WORD after you realize it’s him.  Simply hang up, block and report.  You cannot win with these fixated and profoundly sick men/women.  Just ignore.

Feeding someone with these insecurities, fear, and abandonment issues-or giving ANY fuel to their fire excites them!  They need your reaction to feed off of.  DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM.  When they sense they are out of their league intellectually, they will run and block you.  I’ve done that and it’s wonderful.  But, it still sits on your mind “why did they/she/he come to me? How did I invite them into my business?

You probably showed up and showed yourself to be proud, respectable, intelligent and successful.  Narcissists see themselves in you, but the truth is, they aren’t, cannot be and never will be.  It’s like narcissist looking into that water at himself he was transfixed with himself but he drowned.

A real psycho addicted narcissistic person can never be you.  They want to be, but fail.  When they figure that out, they victim blame, try and shame you, put you down, pretend to know you better than you know yourself and when all else fails, get very very angry!

Just hang up.

Report them to the platform you are on for cyber-stalking or harassment.

You can win only by REFUSING TO ENGAGE.  These people do not change.

They are fueled by conflict.

Recognizing the patterns of abusive narcissists is key to putting them where they belong.


The flirt I mentioned above has a politically charged listing just for that reason.  She is inviting conflict engagement.  Her livelihood and her personality are fueled by psycho drama and it attracts others with the same personality disorder.

Without a false sense of superiority and wallering in delusions of grandeur (thinking that arguing is ‘winning’) and that they/she is smarter than everyone around her, she if left with her quiet mind, which means she is unnoticed and lonely.  There is no one to fuel her/their false sense of superiority.

LEAVE THOSE CUSTOMERS TO HER OR OTHER’S LIKE HER and do not respond to them, do not fuel them and know that you will make more money on a decent, kind and imaginative person on the next call.

DO NOT ENGAGE THEM.  After all, watch the Capital Riots and the traitor who caused it.  THAT IS THE RAGE displayed by an infantile, insecure narcissist.  Then he reverses victim/offender and makes himself the victim.  We all see it!  It’s right there on video.

This is the essential DARVO relationship.  He is sick and no one can convince him otherwise.

 When a gaslighter is left without fuel, they either rage or blame or shame or resort to violence.

Keep in mind, if you are experiencing any of this type of abuse in real life, get help.

Get out if you can.

Never incite a real sick man into a rage around you, your children or defenseless pets.

Help is available

Speak with someone today

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Hours: 24/7. Languages: English, Spanish and 200+ through interpretation service





NiteFlirt Customer AMister Troll Abuser (pre-block him)


 I have received a report that this flaccid prick might be an actual sex worker on NF!!!  HIS ACCOUNT IS: tyeyoudown

This is the supposed listing: Here

I cannot confirm this. If you have any info that confirms he is a flirt, let me know!


Customer name: Tyeyoudown  (member since 2015)
Date: Jan 5, and 6,2023

Tyeyoudown is an actual flirt, yes a flirtNot a good one!

Report: He called me and started speaking to me about underaged stuff. I INSTANTLY changed up the conversation he was happy with this. I advised we do not talk about underaged and its against the TOS of NF. He said ok. The next day Tyeyoudown called again and was back at the undeage stuff. I said, the call will stop if you continue. I will also block you and report to NF. He unleashed on me calling me a cunt, whore and a fucking faggot. So I hung up, blocked and reported to NF.

The next day there were two reviews left with exceptionally bad comments. I went to NF and they removed 1 of the 2 reviews. On the review that was left they took off the comments but the review will remain in place.

This person is habitual with their 1 star reviews and comments. I am not the only person who has pushed back but now I have a bad review. My way around this was to delete the listing and now its no longer showing. Sadly it was my least expensive listing to be on the home page.

Tyeyoudown aka AMister is one troubled person. Avoid him.  Block Him! Do not entertain him or accept chats from him!

AMister NiteFlirt troll and serial mysigonist
His most recent attack!



AMister NF troll fucker

This is his petty little attempts at demeaning women on NiteFlirt he is an abusive troll NiteFlirt hello? Rescind his privileges!

Misogynist AMister NiteFlirt's biggest abuser!


AMister LOL
You’d think he’d give up!
AMister NiteFlirt Blacklist Rude Abusive Niteflirt customer AMister Prick
And, he continues!
NiteFlirt, do something!

LOL, ‘not good enough for him?”  He is lucky he gets to speak to a female at all, but of course he pays for it and yet no one is “good enough”.   This is just his way of getting away with abusive behavior. Hello NF!


Nitflirt blacklist
This is what he does, he gave her 5 stars then a few days later when she didn’t put up with this INSANE abuse he gave her 1


NiteFlirt blacklist AMister Troll abusive prick fucking dead bastard
This flirt had over 100 points but only 5 feedbacks his gave her a four star rating!

AMister pre-block NiteFlirt Abusive Prick

NiteFlirt Blacklist offender AMister NiteFlirt Troll

Just saw this on the site recently, what is the definition of insanity? Ha ha you’d think he’d stop, but he’s a low life pathetic weak son of a bitch and can’t!  I’m sure he was at Jan 6th because he’s just an angry moron.


AMister NIteFlirt's biggest LOSER
His idea of a sexual PSO submissive is to take REAL INSULTS and love it! LOL HE’S PATHETIC!

Today, July 31st a brand new flirt was given 1 star by this prickless ass because she wouldn’t give him her home address!  Report him to NiteFlirt under policies and abuse if he does that to you!



NITEflirt blacklist

NiteFlirt Troll AMister Abusive Prick PreBlock NiteFlirt Blacklist


NiteFlirt Blacklist AMister niteflirt's biggest troll


AMister is a NiteFlirt troll


Notice the pattern?  He called her, gave her 5 star reviews but when she asked him, “please don’t call me again” he gave her 2 star. He’ s so fucking sick!!! Off his meds!

AMister NiteFlirt Troll Pre-Block this bastard!
He asked for something inexcusable on 2nd call.
AMister NiteFlirt's crazy troll
Will he ever give up?
AMister the niteflirt troll pin prick loser
Let’s castrate this prick!

niteflirt black list AMister

And, he say’s she’s the one who is dumb? LOL
AMister is a bully and asshole on NiiteFlirt Trolll
You’d think he’d just move on..but he’s insane

Report Abuse on NiteFlirt

AMister is the worst customer on NiteFlirt He hates women



AMister niteflirt's biggest bully

AMister is an abusive prick NiteFlirt troll

AMister is a mentally ill niteflirt customer



AMister is a mentally ill, woman hating probably disabled loser fuck who deserves to have his little balls cut off!

If you are new to the phone sex scene and put yourself on the front page of the NITEFLIRT site as a submissive, you are going to get a call from this unstable, hateful, bully and moronic fuck.  I suggest anyone who advertises as a submissive on NiteFlirt PRE-BLOCK HIM.  How?

Go to your account.

Click on mail.

Click on the last tab, options.

Add AMister to the empty box and hit enter.

This is just the latest of hundreds of 1 star feedbacks!  He’s a fucking nut job!!!

What’s the definition of insanity? “Continuing to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result”  He’s INSANE.


NiteFlirt’s terms of service and pedos


It’s hard for us who have been on NiteFlirt for years to understand and keep up with all of NiteFlirt’s ever changing rules and terms of service.  Most if not all websites have a standard “we’ve updated our terms of service” emails to it’s users or sign-in notices on their website(s) so that their users can keep up!  NiteFlirt does not.

Recently, a flirt reported:

I’ve had a group of men wanting to do underage play. I find it disturbing and sick. It’s also against the rules. I’ve been telling them I don’t do underage play and that I’m sorry. Why can’t these guys follow the rules when it comes to things like that. Makes my stomach turn when they talk about children.

Steering callers away from topics you are uncomfortable with or that violate a website’s policies is always a win-win for you and your customer.  Why? Because, when you steer them away from that “taboo” topic you are in control of the call which is usually a good thing; but you are allowing him to get off and enjoy himself without hearing, “that’s against the rules” and having him hang up, never call you again and him having to call someone else.  Both of those things can make NiteFlirt lose customers to other platforms that allow age-play.

But, it’s not always possible to steer someone.  If someone has a preoccupation for a topic, like young people, he is probably a criminal who downloads illegal kiddy stuff (or tries to find it) and may even have molested someone.

But, there are those porn addicts on NiteFlirt or who call phone sex in general who have to ramp up his porn addiction to topics that are more and more ‘taboo’.  Then, there’s the weirdos who just like younger people because they are powerless in life and have anti-social tendencies.  These are also the humiliation junkies who can be steered or humiliated and you’ll get a decent call out of them.


So, when a caller begins to go ‘there’ with a taboo subject matter you are uncomfortable with, you can lower your voice volume…which makes them listen harder; and then say, ‘so, you’re stunted emotionally and sexually’?  Wait…his response; well, if you’re attracted to human’s who aren’t your equal, you must be pretty pathetic sexually.  Wait…more than likely you can continue to humiliate him and steer the call to him being homosexual, in the closet, small penis humiliation, Domme him into calling you Mistress or Master, call him your weak bitch etc…

You may get a good 10 minutes or more out of him without denying him a call and yourself money.

Then, if he has an online account, give him a few hours and write him with “thanks for your call” I look forward to another as long as we stay on the fact that “you’re my weak lil bitch” lol thanks again!

Or, conversely, you can block his future calls-it’s up to you.




Phone Sex Safety

Phone sex is sex work.

There are many nice guys who call us on NiteFlirt, but there are some who aren’t. 

Those few minutes you spend with a man (a stranger) on the phone can allow him to hide all manner of faults.  You don’t know his criminal background or his mental health background; nor do you have any references for his character.  Anyone can fake being a decent human being for a little while.  But, what happens when he becomes emotionally unstable?  What do you do when you’ve ‘trusted’ him with your real name and location and the next time you’re not available for him he goes off the rails?

Using best practices can possibly save you from being cyber-stalked or worse!

Best practices is a term used to explain the best way to stay professional and provide a good service.

In phone sex and for sex workers specifically, it’s important to remember, Men are Pigs!  They are controlled by their cocks and testosterone and that combination can be dangerous if not controlled.  You can take screen shots of your calls and send them to NiteFlirt when someones calls directly after a call on NiteFlirt.  You should take snippets of your customer lists and calls if you think the same caller is using different screen names to harass you.  You can also ask NiteFlirt to remove abusive feedbacks if the customer left more than one.  Keeping yourself safe is paramount to keep us all safe!  One mistake or opening for one nutjob will only encourage him to do it to others!


NiteFlirt’s Crazy Smart Stalker

May 7th, 2021

Just because someone is a stalker doesn’t mean he’s not good at it!

A long time Niteflirt PSO recently posted an account of how a NiteFlirt customer DIRTYBIRD81 gained access to her personal phone number and has harassed her by calling that number 32 times in 2 minutes after she blocked him from NiteFlirt.

After reading the flirt’s post in the NiteFlirt forums twice, I better understood what happened.  There is a customer who finds flirt’s who use their own photos and then reversed image searches them. Once he gets information on them he will call you on NiteFlirt.  He did just that to this veteran flirt and when she got angry with him and put her foot down and blocked him he called her personal phone 32 times in less a minute after being blocked on NiteFlirt!!!!

I suspect he only calls the one’s he’s successfully found off site and discovered personal information on.

Being cyber-stalked is the same as being stalked in person. IT CREATES FEAR!  It’s a shame we have to be subjected to someone like this but the truth is, phone sex is often a place for nut bags, women haters, mentally ill jerks and criminals.  There are ways to stay as safe as possible and that is to:

*use model photos

*never give out personally identifiable information

*always assume the guy on the phone is crazy and dangerous.

Good Luck and remember we are all here to give advice and comfort to a certain level, but using common sense is the best defense.





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