NiteFlirt Customer AMister Troll Abuser (pre-block him)


 I have received a report that this flaccid prick might be an actual sex worker on NF!!!  HIS ACCOUNT IS: tyeyoudown

This is the supposed listing: Here

I cannot confirm this. If you have any info that confirms he is a flirt, let me know!


Customer name: Tyeyoudown  (member since 2015)
Date: Jan 5, and 6,2023

Tyeyoudown is an actual flirt, yes a flirtNot a good one!

Report: He called me and started speaking to me about underaged stuff. I INSTANTLY changed up the conversation he was happy with this. I advised we do not talk about underaged and its against the TOS of NF. He said ok. The next day Tyeyoudown called again and was back at the undeage stuff. I said, the call will stop if you continue. I will also block you and report to NF. He unleashed on me calling me a cunt, whore and a fucking faggot. So I hung up, blocked and reported to NF.

The next day there were two reviews left with exceptionally bad comments. I went to NF and they removed 1 of the 2 reviews. On the review that was left they took off the comments but the review will remain in place.

This person is habitual with their 1 star reviews and comments. I am not the only person who has pushed back but now I have a bad review. My way around this was to delete the listing and now its no longer showing. Sadly it was my least expensive listing to be on the home page.

Tyeyoudown aka AMister is one troubled person. Avoid him.  Block Him! Do not entertain him or accept chats from him!

AMister NiteFlirt troll and serial mysigonist
His most recent attack!



AMister NF troll fucker

This is his petty little attempts at demeaning women on NiteFlirt he is an abusive troll NiteFlirt hello? Rescind his privileges!

Misogynist AMister NiteFlirt's biggest abuser!


AMister LOL
You’d think he’d give up!
AMister NiteFlirt Blacklist Rude Abusive Niteflirt customer AMister Prick
And, he continues!
NiteFlirt, do something!

LOL, ‘not good enough for him?”  He is lucky he gets to speak to a female at all, but of course he pays for it and yet no one is “good enough”.   This is just his way of getting away with abusive behavior. Hello NF!


Nitflirt blacklist
This is what he does, he gave her 5 stars then a few days later when she didn’t put up with this INSANE abuse he gave her 1


NiteFlirt blacklist AMister Troll abusive prick fucking dead bastard
This flirt had over 100 points but only 5 feedbacks his gave her a four star rating!

AMister pre-block NiteFlirt Abusive Prick

NiteFlirt Blacklist offender AMister NiteFlirt Troll

Just saw this on the site recently, what is the definition of insanity? Ha ha you’d think he’d stop, but he’s a low life pathetic weak son of a bitch and can’t!  I’m sure he was at Jan 6th because he’s just an angry moron.


AMister NIteFlirt's biggest LOSER
His idea of a sexual PSO submissive is to take REAL INSULTS and love it! LOL HE’S PATHETIC!

Today, July 31st a brand new flirt was given 1 star by this prickless ass because she wouldn’t give him her home address!  Report him to NiteFlirt under policies and abuse if he does that to you!



NITEflirt blacklist

NiteFlirt Troll AMister Abusive Prick PreBlock NiteFlirt Blacklist


NiteFlirt Blacklist AMister niteflirt's biggest troll


AMister is a NiteFlirt troll


Notice the pattern?  He called her, gave her 5 star reviews but when she asked him, “please don’t call me again” he gave her 2 star. He’ s so fucking sick!!! Off his meds!

AMister NiteFlirt Troll Pre-Block this bastard!
He asked for something inexcusable on 2nd call.
AMister NiteFlirt's crazy troll
Will he ever give up?
AMister the niteflirt troll pin prick loser
Let’s castrate this prick!

niteflirt black list AMister

And, he say’s she’s the one who is dumb? LOL
AMister is a bully and asshole on NiiteFlirt Trolll
You’d think he’d just move on..but he’s insane

Report Abuse on NiteFlirt

AMister is the worst customer on NiteFlirt He hates women



AMister niteflirt's biggest bully

AMister is an abusive prick NiteFlirt troll

AMister is a mentally ill niteflirt customer



AMister is a mentally ill, woman hating probably disabled loser fuck who deserves to have his little balls cut off!

If you are new to the phone sex scene and put yourself on the front page of the NITEFLIRT site as a submissive, you are going to get a call from this unstable, hateful, bully and moronic fuck.  I suggest anyone who advertises as a submissive on NiteFlirt PRE-BLOCK HIM.  How?

Go to your account.

Click on mail.

Click on the last tab, options.

Add AMister to the empty box and hit enter.

This is just the latest of hundreds of 1 star feedbacks!  He’s a fucking nut job!!!

What’s the definition of insanity? “Continuing to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result”  He’s INSANE.


NiteFlirt’s Crazy Smart Stalker

May 7th, 2021

Just because someone is a stalker doesn’t mean he’s not good at it!

A long time Niteflirt PSO recently posted an account of how a NiteFlirt customer DIRTYBIRD81 gained access to her personal phone number and has harassed her by calling that number 32 times in 2 minutes after she blocked him from NiteFlirt.

After reading the flirt’s post in the NiteFlirt forums twice, I better understood what happened.  There is a customer who finds flirt’s who use their own photos and then reversed image searches them. Once he gets information on them he will call you on NiteFlirt.  He did just that to this veteran flirt and when she got angry with him and put her foot down and blocked him he called her personal phone 32 times in less a minute after being blocked on NiteFlirt!!!!

I suspect he only calls the one’s he’s successfully found off site and discovered personal information on.

Being cyber-stalked is the same as being stalked in person. IT CREATES FEAR!  It’s a shame we have to be subjected to someone like this but the truth is, phone sex is often a place for nut bags, women haters, mentally ill jerks and criminals.  There are ways to stay as safe as possible and that is to:

*use model photos

*never give out personally identifiable information

*always assume the guy on the phone is crazy and dangerous.

Good Luck and remember we are all here to give advice and comfort to a certain level, but using common sense is the best defense.





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