Do you Google?

I am always surprised to find out that in 2024 many of you still don’t understand how to use a search engine.  Google began in 1995. While many of us still didn’t own home computers in 1995, we have since 2000.  The average home now consists of smart phones, tablets and laptop computers and some still sport the old desktop.

While most people can’t read past 250 characters these days as our attention spans are now lower than a gnats, it is important to be able to FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.  I have asked several ladies lately, do you google?  Do you know how to search for something specific and do you know what you are looking at when the results come back?

The answer is usually a soft, ‘kinda’.   GOOGLE DOES NOT LIKE STOP WORDS.

GOOGLE or Bing or whatever search engine you prefer is your best friend.  Use it.

How to search:

  1. Do not use and, but, if, or, nor, in, a, he , she, the, my, your PREPOSISTIONS avoid them!
  2. Use (type the location into the search) specific locations for specific searches.
  3. If someone states in the NiteFlirt forum, (‘report him to the blacklist) and you don’t know the website, you would go to GOOGLE and type in NiteFlirt blacklist. Not “what is the blacklist”? Or, who is the blacklist, but just the site niteflirt and topic blacklist.  You would have found my site.
  4. Do not use punctuation in a Google search.  No need to add question marks, you are already asking a question.

Lastly, filter your requests to images, videos, (Google now makes youtube videos number 1 results) or you can filter it to books, images, forums and the web.

Google TOOLS: you can toggle tools to narrow down your result by date, exact terms or more.


You must select ‘creative common licenses’ and then make sure you’re not using a copyrighted by photographer or model photo.  Go to Google, Images, type in what you’re looking for ‘Lady in high heels” then go to:Tools, usage rights and select aforementioned.

You must be sure to not infringe on someone’s work product.

So, use GOOGLE to your advantage!  Looking to learn about fetishes?

Google, search, learn about fetishes.  There ya go!



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