Example of good NiteFlirt feedback (Bad can be good)

Bad feedback can also be Good Feedback

Oct 23, 2021  I noticed a new ‘call center’ listing on NiteFlirt that has an older woman, probably about 50 yo, who has been told to play an 18 yr old.  The listing headline is “Dirt Cheap Slut”.

This call center does not care about the customer’s experience on NiteFlirt.  The ol’ bait n switch is the oldest scam in business.  The poor woman hired to work for this shitty service was given a script to read for her outgoing greeting (which is terrible) and the call center is charging .99 a min and BIDDING FOR her to be on the front page.  I realize stock boys need to afford someone to call, but this is bad business

While I am not fan of .99 cent premium sexual services nor am I a fan of these unapproved call centers on NiteFlirt; the poor woman answering the phone is probably earning .20 per min.

This also could be another Stacey Weiss call center or one run by a flirt with no prior approval by NiteFlirt.

THIS HURTS ALL OF US.  They should (when you can) be OUT BID and shoved off the front page.  It’s an obvious “I couldn’t care less about the quality on NiteFlirt” person who runs this call center and the following feedback is a perfect example of why.

“No way that is the girl in the pics. Voice was way off. Getting tired of falling for these kind of profiles.  Great site but they need to start verifying some of these girls”


call centers are bad for niteflirt

This is excellent feedback written by a customer who understands the game.  He should be rewarded for this feedback!  It is considerate, plain and involves a compliment to NiteFlirt.  He also warns other customers beforehand not to expect a perky newbie barely legal girl in which to play with.

This is a case of Bad Feedback can be Good Feedback!

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