Fight Bad NiteFlirt Feedbacks (Help for PSO’s)


I have read on many flirt’s listings where guys will call her just to ‘see if the bad back feedback was warranted”.  They will actually comment on existing bad feedback, “don’t know what the bad reviews are about she was great”.  That means the bad feedback was the reason he called.

So, LET’S not over-react to it.  EVERYONE GETS BAD FEEDBACKS.  Everyone.

Why would a customer call someone with bad feedback?  Frankly, sometimes men just like to see if they are different and can get a good call from someone who has failed with others.  There is one flirt who continually features with about %35 bad and I mean horrible feedback and men still seem to call her.  NOT MANY MIND YOU, but still. Why is that? Competitiveness and curiosity. Men like to compete with each other. 

Combating those feedbacks that keep you from featuring and making good money. 

So, what do you do when you’re new to NiteFlirt Phone Sex or Cam Calls and you only have 4 feedbacks and one of them is 1 star?  That gives you a 4 star total.  Let’s say you have only taken 5 calls and you have just 16 points.  It is going to cost you MORE to feature your listings with that 4 stars.

The answer is that when you’re new and have so few ratings points, DELETE THAT LISTING and start a new one in the same category!  It will cost you less to feature when it gets approved and you can begin again.  This empowers YOU.  Learning how to handle yourself when you’re new can be hard!

Going forward  (training available) you get a leg up by getting training and a listing design that works.

Now what to do to avoid bad feedbacks.

  1. Set your customer’s expectations before they call you.  I see so many new flirts with “Hi, I am sexy and hot and want to get you off, call me” This is not informative enough. Invest in your business!
  2. Explain whether you are simply a GFE phone sex operator and cannot provide fetish help or if  you’re a dominate woman and wish to spank them.  Those customers who read are likely to spend more money on you.

Some customers are notorious for not reading properly and being braindead when they are aroused but  if  you set your customer’s expectations correctly with a well-written NITEFLIRT LISTING then you can count on a better return.

I can help and so can other flirts’ if you ask nicely in the forums.

Not everyone knows marketing and knows this audience but a little tweak of your copy may make all the difference!



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